Universal Platform

The Universal Platform’s deep flighted 24″ auger provides a more consistent flow of product into the entire throat of the combine to eliminate unwanted slugs. Auger also has spring assisted float capability.

Help Eliminate Dirt & Prevent Seed Coat Check

Special elongated slotted perforations are in the entire bottom portion of the platform. The perforations are directional, working with the auger and flow of material towards the center or the throat of the combine. This will help eliminate DIRT and prevent seed coat check.


  1. Screened Bottom Platform
  2. Deep Flighting Auger
  3. Mechanical Driveline and Connectors
  4. 18 x 9.5 – 8 Gauge Wheels
  5. Rotor with Cam Operational Fingers
  6. Right or Left Hand End Drive (Specify)
  7. Rubber Mounted Fingers
  8. Two Slinger Tubes: (round and hex)
  9. Rotor Rods
  10. Hold down Rods for windy conditions
  11. Heavy Duty Float Springs

Pick up head with 8 row finger tube system allows you to operate the pick up head higher and consistently slower. Soft rubber fingers are available that effectively eliminate picking up small stones. The perforations in the platform bottom, working with the direction of flow, will self clean themselves while removing dirt before it reaches the combine. A special tin can be provided to cover the perforations for use in small grains.  

Available Units

UP14-148 – 148″ Weight n/a
UP16-172 – 172″ Weight n/a
UP20-222 – 222″ Weight n/a
UP22-246 – 246″ Weight n/a

* Approximate Weight

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