One Step Rod Cutter

Switching to the Pickett One-Step Rod Cutter affords a simple, more cost effective alternative to knifing.

Handle your bean and pea crop gently with virtually no loss

The Parallel Lift Front Divider System will provide dependable smooth vine separation in the toughest conditions. One man, one tractor, one pass through the field…handling your bean and pea crop gently with virtually no loss. 8 rows of fingers provide smooth gentle flow of material to the windrow.

Cushion Shank Model

Heavy duty cushion shank option, for use in rockier conditions, to help absorb the shock when striking a solid object. Powered hydraulically, this shank will deliver the power and forgiveness needed in adverse conditions.


Available Units

4030 – 4 Row, 30″ Spacing4140 lbs*
6030 – 6 Row, 30″ Spacing4800 lbs*
8022 – 8 Row, 22″ Spacing4960 lbs*
C6030 – 6 Row, 30″ Spacing5320 lbs*
C8022 – 8 Row, 22″ Spacing5520 lbs*
8030 – 8 Row, 30″ Spacing5800 lbs*
C8030 – 8 Row, 30″ Spacing6360 lbs*
1222 -12 Row, 22″ Spacing6700 lbs*
C1222 -12 Row, 22″ Spacing7460 lbs*
1230- 12 Row, 30″ Spacing10040 lbs*
C1230- 12 Row, 30″ Spacing10800 lbs*
* Approximate Weight