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Pickett Equipment

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Innovation has fueled Pickett Equipment from its birth in the mid-1970s. Development of the One Step rod cutter / windrower established Pickett Equipment as the world leader in dry edible bean cutting and windrowing. Pickett teamed up with Colombo Industries in the late 1990s to bring the most innovative specialized bean combine known to the dry edible bean industry to North America.

One Step System

The One Step rod cutter / windrower is the company’s flagship. The One Step system has simply revolutionized bean harvest. Gone are the days of knifing and windrowing. The One Step accomplishes the pulling and windrowing of crops in a single pass…thus the product’s name: One Step. In less developed production regions of the world, mechanical pulling has replaced harvest typically done with manual labor. The One Step saves precious harvest time and money allowing fewer trips through field.


Following the movement in North America to the One Step system, major producing regions of the world followed. Pickett Equipment has developed significant market presence in Mexico, Brazil, China, South Africa, Chile and Turkey. Other international markets include Argentina, Australia, Puerto Rico, Spain, Hungary, Greece and the Dominican Republic.