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The Universal Platform's deep flighted 24" auger provides a more consistent flow of product into the entire throat of the combine to eliminate unwanted slugs. Auger also has spring assisted float capability.
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Welcome to Pickett Equipment

Innovation has fueled Pickett Equipment from its birth in the mid-1970s. Development of the One Step rod cutter / windrower established Pickett Equipment as the world leader in dry edible bean cutting and windrowing. Pickett teamed up with Colombo Industries in the late 1990s to bring the most innovative specialized bean combine known to the dry edible bean industry to North America . . . read more.

The One Step rod cutter / windrower is the company’s flagship. The One Step system has simply revolutionized bean harvest. Gone are the days of knifing and windrowing. The One Step accomplishes the pulling and windrowing of crops in a single pass . . . thus the product’s name: One Step. In less developed production regions of the world, mechanical pulling has replaced harvest typically done with manual labor. The One Step saves precious harvest time and money allowing fewer trips through field.

Following the movement in North America to the One Step system, major producing regions of the world followed. Pickett Equipment has developed significant market presence in Mexico, Brazil, China, South Africa, Chile and Turkey. Other international markets include Argentina, Australia, Puerto Rico, Spain, Hungary, Greece and the Dominican Republic.

Pickett Equipment started to market it's combine line in 2000. The first combine was tested in bean harvest in 1999. From the first model, the Double Master Plus (DMP), the Double Master Plus side pull (DMP-SP) and the Double Master side pull two (DMP-SP2) have been developed. These models offer the full range of options in a single threshing cylinder model. In 2006, the Twin Master was introduced. The twin cylinder Twin Master vaulted Pickett Equipment squarely into dry bean harvest with the big-acreage producers. Pickett Equipment’s association with Colombo is a terrific marriage that brings Colombo’s vast dry bean combine experience together with Pickett Equipment’s long history of innovation in the dry edible bean industry.

At the heart of the Pickett Equipment combining technology is a high-speed, low-impact thresh unique to the Double Master Plus and the Twin Master. This threshing concept is known for three key competitive advantages: 1) Unsurpassed seed quality, 2) Lower cleanout / tare and 3) Longer threshing hours. The Pickett Equipment combine family offers solutions to growers in all spectrums of dry bean production. Bean seed growers can count on lower seed coat damage and higher germination. Canner quality bean growers will experience lower skin checks and splits. Commercial growers will attain all of these benefits combined with lower tare results and higher daily production in the toughest of threshing conditions.

Other Pickett products include combine pick-up heads, universal platforms, the sugar beet manager, row divider systems and a full line of replacement parts. Our partnership with progressive farmers around the world continues to inspire us to new innovations. Pickett Equipment . . . innovative solutions for innovative farms.

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